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POS Systems

POS-systemPoint of Sale systems are a vital tool for any business that deal with sales and inventory. Network Technologies can provide its expertise in installing and configuration of Point of Sale systems.


We will do it right and have you up and running as quickly as possible. Once your system is installed and operational, we can LOG IN REMOTELY and Offer Real Time Training, Additional Software Assistance and Technical Support easily.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re running, if you sell a product or service, you have point-of-sale (POS) requirements. The cash flow you accrue through your customers is the single most important barometer for judging the current progress of your business. You need to accurately track your products or services and the revenue they generate. And most importantly, your technology must to be easy to learn, with the flexibility to keep up with your needs as your business grows.

In addition to managing your current cash flow, your future financial success also relies on your ability to accurately anticipate, manage and plan for things like inventory, purchasing and customer behavior.

Installation and set-up can be a simple task for some, or daunting task for others. All of our Point-of-Sale systems are Preconfigured and preloaded with the appropriate software, device drivers and updates before they arrive at your site. We attempt to make it as simple as possible for the uninitiated in POS configuration and set-up to get up and running as quickly as possible. Usually this consists of nothing more than plugging in a few cables and powering up the system.

However, there are individuals who prefer the comfort and knowledge of having an experienced technician on site to assist them with the implementation of their entire system. This may include network cables from one internal location to another, setting up internet access, installing the POS hardware and the general assistance of having their questions answered on site by a trained technician. In cases with multiple systems, remote printers, back office configurations additional hardware components and specialty programs a technician can quickly and easily assist you on site.

Through our Nationwide Partnership we can assist you in the complete set-up, installation and roll out of your new POS system(s) anywhere in the U.S. Because our partners are experienced in POS systems, they are often better able to answer your questions than a local computer firm found in the yellow pages. Point-of-Sale systems are a subset of the computer industry and therefore have a few special requirements that general computer technicians may not be aware of, resulting in unforeseen questions.

For more information please contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.